Shakey: “I am really looking forward to letting rip at Silverstone!”

Shane 'Shakey' Byrne arrives at Silverstone for the first official MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship test tomorrow (Tuesday) ready and raring to go as they prepare to complete the final stage of their testing programme with the new Be Wiser Ducati. 

The multiple title-winners had a strong start to their pre-season testing in Portugal and Spain, but the most recent tests at Cartagena and Guadix were challenging for the team, something that 'Shakey' is determined to turn around this week at Silverstone and Donington Park as the first round beckons.

Shakey said: "At the moment I feel a bit like a kid that has been taken to the sweetshop and then had the door slammed in his face or been thrown out straightaway because we have been testing, which is really exciting, but then aspects out of our control have spoiled our fun! The first part of our test programme was phenomenal, but since then we seem to have had some bad luck with the conditions and the bike to a degree, so hopefully that changes this week with the two official tests. 

"We did manage to work through some areas in the last tests we had in Spain, but it was frustrating that we couldn't do everything we had planned, Cartagena was a bit of a nightmare then in Guadix we made a little bit of progress, but with freezing cold track conditions it made it difficult and risky to push to the level required to evaluate things and try to progress. Now we need to work hard this week to finish in the best possible position ready for round one.

"The team have done a lot of work back at base before the first test this week at Silverstone so that we can have more stuff to try to work through and evaluate before any further work ahead of the first round. I really hope it's dry and the temperature is relevant as we still have lots to do. The test at Silverstone is extremely important as it's just a week later that will be at the track lining up for the first race; I think it should be a good track for the Ducati and I am really, really looking forward to letting her rip there with only one goal in mind, it'll not take a genius to work out what that goal is!"

Last updated: Monday, March 28, 2016