Speedy Reidy on the Quattro Plant Cool Kawasaki: “I know I am fast”

Andy Reid is gearing up for his assault on the Dickies British Supersport Championship with the Quattro Plant Cool Kawasaki team, and after an initial test at Almeria, the 21-year-old is confident of his pace after the opening day and a half on track at Cartagena.

Reid was a race-winner in the Championship last season and is already exuding confidence ahead of the remaining days on track at Cartagena. The team have been testing different engine specifications on track during the second day before moving on to test a variety of new parts on their Supersport machine.

Reid said: "Obviously I have changed from Yamaha over to Kawasaki for this year and straight off my first impressions are that it is a very user friendly bike and quite neutral all the way round and the power delivery is very nice. The Yamaha is very aggressive and takes a bit of learning the best way to ride it to go fast whereas you can jump on this Kawasaki and it feels very easy to go fast. I gelled with it straight away and we are doing good times so far. Everyone in the team is working well so it feels really promising.

"I feel like we have already achieved what we have come here to do. I am comfortable on the bike, we are doing really good lap times, I am not going to start screaming and shouting about it, but I know I am fast and the team know I am fast so that for me was important but not the most important thing. We have been trying a few things and I had a new engine to try to see if the way the power comes in is better, but it is slightly more aggressive and just as you pick up the throttle. That actually made it feel a bit like a Yamaha, the way the power comes in, but I feel the other engine is slightly softer and carries the speed better in the corners, but we are going to try a few things over the next couple of days and find ourselves a nice base set up ready for the official tests at Silverstone and Donington Park."

Last updated: Friday, March 4, 2016